Sunday, October 16, 2011

A few observations from Midnight Madness

It's tough to drawn many conclusions from watching a 10-minute intrasquad scrimmage by the Minnesota State men's and women's basketball teams early Saturday morning at Bresnan Arena, but there's no reason to stay up past midnight if you're not going to try to gain a little insight.

The men's team has new nine names on the roster, four of which might be starters when the season begins Nov. 12. Connor O'Brien, who clearly has added some size and strength, will be back in the post, and he looked very aggressive and confident.

Point gurd Jimmy Whitehead will be the starting point guard, but he's out with a broken jaw and could miss games, leaving that position to redshirt freshman Travis Meinders or true freshman Kelly Madison.

Freshman forward T.J. Okafor is freakishly athletic, and if his effort matches his talent, fans are in for a treat.

Perimeter shooting looks like this team's weakness, though transfer D.J Hoskins has a good reputation as a shooter. Stephen Kirschbaum, the team's only senior, looks like the best shooter.

Speaking of shooting, the women's team showed good peimeter shooting. Newcomers Aubrey Davis, Kathleen Reynolds and Jameila Hudnell showed 3-point acumen, and with Laura Weber and Ali Wilkinson in the post, it looks like a better team.

But the last two seasons for the women's team have not been very good so it remains to be seen how the incumbents and new faces mix.

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