Friday, April 29, 2011

Ponder seems like a good choice for Vikings

There's no doubt that the Minnesota Vikings were going to draft a quarterback this week, though many were caught off guard when they took Christian Ponder at No. 12.

Three quarterbacks had already been selected, and presumably, the Vikings had some interest in one, two or all three. So when it came time to pick, the Vikings used their choice on Ponder, a player whose strengths seems to be intelligence and leadership but has concerns about arm injuries.

If the Vikings have faith that Ponder will be a starter for the next 5 to 10 years, it was a good choice, regardless of what self-titled "draft experts" say.

Could the Vikings have drafted Ponder at No. 20? Probably.

But the problem is that the Vikings didn't draft at 20. They were 12.

The Vikings may have tried to trade down, but apparently, no team was willing to offer much. So the Vikings were stuck at 12, and they took the player they wanted.

That makes it a good choice.

Does that mean that Ponder will work out? No.

But none of the players drafted Thursday, or any of the ones selected in the next two days, carry any money-back guarantee.

The Vikings could have taken a defensive lineman or offensive lineman that would have been safer, but if you have a chance to draft a starting quarterback, you do it.

For that reason, give the Vikings the benefit of the doubt. If the Ponder selection doesn't work out, GM Rick Spielman or coach Leslie Frazier won't be around the next time the team drafts a quarterback.

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