Monday, October 4, 2010

Tough times ahead for MSU football

The Minnesota State football team's loss to Winona State on Saturday was explainable.
Winona State was playing at home, and the Warriors are pretty good.
The home loss to Concordia-St. Paul two weeks ago, however, wasn't easily explained away. The Mavericks should beat Concordia-St. Paul nine out of every 10 times, and they shoud never lose to the Bears at home.
Take the two losses together, and fans of the Mavericks should be concerned. There are six games remaining, and Minnesota State will be decided underdogs in four, starting with Saturday's homecoming game against St. Cloud State.
The Mavericks' offensive line is a mess, the quarterback situation is revolving issue because of injury, and the defense is giving up points with alarming frequency.
Fans of the team had to know this was going to be a tough season, considering the talent that graduated from last season's team. But a loss to Concordia-St. Paul? That's a major warning sign.
If the Mavericks can't beat St. Cloud State, the rest of the season loses meaning, which could lead to a white flag. The last two seasons have been a lot of fun, watching the Mavericks finally have some success, but it's equally as tough to watch it come apart.

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