Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vikings could really use another preseason game

A couple of observations from the Minnesota Vikings' preseason game against Seattle on Saturday.

If the proposed 18-game schedule were in effect now, meaning only two preseason games, the Vikings would have been opening the season Saturday. This team seemed ill-prepared for that, playing a sloppy game injected with a few big plays.

The offensive line didn't open many holes, nore did it protect Brett Favre very well.

Favre had his moments, but he also threw two interceptions, one of which was more Bernard Berrian's fault than his. But Favre also fumbled twice.

You probably shouldn't have expected him to be sharp, given that he's only been here for less than a week.

New receiver Greg Camarillo may be an unexpected asset. The trade, which sent cornerback Benny Sapp to Miami, didn't seem like much of transaction earlier this week, but he got open and held on to the ball, which can't be said for all the receivers.

The defense looked good, though that unit will get tougher tests in the regular season, especially that opener at New Orleans on Sept. 9.

The Vikings looked like a team that hasn't practiced together much, which has certainly been the case. There seems to be plenty of work to do before the season begins, if this team hopes to achieve its stated goal of getting to the Super Bowl.

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