Saturday, July 31, 2010

Announcement on MSU athletic cuts coming next week

Athletic director Kevin Buisman said an announcement on potential budget cuts for the Minnesota State athletic department will likely be announced in the next few days.
This spring, Buisman said the department, which cut $350,000 through staff reductions or additional fundraising last year, would have about a $90,000 shortfall for the 2010-11 competitive seasons, but the real challenge came for 2011-12, where he expected to be about $350,000 short, a number that might cause the university to eliminate some of its 23 programs.
On Friday, he said that he'll have a proposal to meet those budget problems and pass it on to the higher-ups.
There were plenty of rumors swirling about campus this week. Sources said that the cuts will be more than $400,000, and programs will be eliminated. Gender equity has to be among the main criteria, with Minnesota State offering 46 scholarships for men's and women's sports. Twenty-five of the men's scholarship go to football.
The programs most likely to be cut are the ones that don't have affiliation with the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference: women's bowling, men's tennis and men's and women's swimming. But it hardly seems possible that nearly a half-million dollars can be saved by droppoing those four sports.
There will also need to be some staffing cuts.
Buisman said an announcement on the cuts will be made soon so that coaches can figure out how to work within the new parameters.

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