Thursday, June 17, 2010

First trip to Target Field

Spent Thursday afternoon at Target Field, and I have a few impressions of the Twins and their new ballpark.
People have been so concerned about the cold weather for April and possibly October games, but Thursday, the sentiment was that it was TOO HOT. Really?
Have we become so soft that we can't handle cold or heat? If only there was an alternative venue, with a roof and air-conditioning ...
The day got off to a disappointing start when I found out that Joe Mauer was not in the lineup. I'm not a Joe Mauer pompom waver, but you'd like to see the Twins' best players face Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez, who has been nearly unhittable.
A competitor does not stay out of the lineup in a matchup like this. Will Mauer sit out the All-Star game, which will likely feature Jimenez as the National League starter?
The Twins hit into so many doubles plays that they might be making too much contact.
Target Field has a lot of room to roam, with several places in the concourse from which you have a good view of the action. Never sat down for eight innings.
I'd like to get back for a night game. I like the atmosphere of outdoor events at night better than day.

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