Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Closing in on NFL draft day

The expanded, three-day NFL draft begins Thursday, and about three hours or more after St. Louis makes its first choice, the Vikings will be on the clock.
It seems to make the most sense that the Vikings will use that No. 30 pick to select a defensive back, perhaps cornerback Kyle Wilson of Boise State or safety Taylor Mays of USC.
But the prediction here is that Rutgers cornerback Devin McCourty will be the choice.
The closer we get to draft day, the more speculation you hear about the Vikings taking a quarterback. Sam Bradford of Oklahoma will be gone, possibly No. 1, and Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame is also likely to be chosen in the top 29 picks.
That leaves Florida's Tim Tebow and Texas' Colt McCoy as the next two quarterbacks to go, and neither should be taken in the first round.
The Vikings are a team that needs to win now and prepare for the future in other ways. You don't take projects in the first round, and Tebow and McCoy both need work on their throwing motions.
Say what you want about Tarvaris Jackson, but he's more prepared to play in the NFL next season than any of the rookies.
An offensive or defensive lineman would be an easy sell to the fan base, but you know some NFL organization is going to try to prove that he is smarter than everyone else by choosing Tebow or McCoy in the first round.
That would be a classic Denny Green move.

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