Monday, March 15, 2010

No Minnesota State, but still good basketball in town

Even though Minnesota State was eliminated from the Central Region men's basketball tournament Sunday, there's still going to be an interesting championship game Tuesday between Augustana and St. Cloud State at Bresnan Arena.
Augustana and St. Cloud State were the best teams in this tournament. The Vikings' fullcourt, 3-point shooting attack has been effective, though the defensive prowess of their two opponents in questionable. If Augustana is able to control the pace, and get open shots from the arc for Cody Schilling, David Foster and Cameron McCaffrey, the Vikings will win.

The Huskies favor more of a halfcourt game that features rugged Matt Schneck, a post player without peer in this tournament. If St. Cloud State can make it a halfcourt game, and the inside-outside duo of point guard Taylor Witt and Schneck dominates, the Huskies will win.
The contrast of styles makes this an intriguing matchup, made even more appealing if you don't care who wins. And there should be plenty of good tickets available.

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